How many of you heard about International Youth Service (IYS)? I have my first pen-pals friend from IYS. That was in 1987. I remembered I wrote a letter and sent to a friend in France. Unfortunately, the letter gone missing. But funny, my pen-pals wrote me back in French which I cannot understand. So I wrote her back and I think that was the last communication we had. Language problem I suppose! 

For your information, IYS was founded in 1952 and based in Turku, Finland. It was an international penfriend organisation which arranged foreign penfriends for children and teenagers between 10 and 20 years of age. In exchange of a fee per address, they provided addresses of one or more penfriends which matched in age, country, interest. The operation of IYS has been closed down in 2008 due to the development in communication through the internet.